We try to anticipate any questions our potential clients may have. We provided a series of questions accompanied by answers for those who might be considering hiring us for an event. If you don’t see your question & answer here, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions. 

Who are our clients? All families with all ages of children and anyone 30+ years of age are our target markets at festivals. We are available for other types of events too. Check out our “Services” page for more information.

What can clients expect from FARE Pix? First, the highest, utmost respect towards our clients. Our clients are extremely important to us because our success depends on how happy & satisfied they are with the delivery and quality of their photo or photos. We strive to personally deliver our photos to anyone living in Arkansas within one week or sooner. Out-of-state clients should see the delivery of their photos in or after one week. We care deeply about our client’s photos. If a client is not satisfied with the final product, we will reprint the photo at no additional cost for up to a maximum of three (3) reprints.

How can clients help FARE Pix? Please, please, please communicate with us through email, a phone call, text, Facebook Messenger, or Twitter DM. We promise to respond as quickly as possible. Any communication after 9 p.m. Central Time will be replied to the next day. We use a lot of technology with our business. If a client is uncomfortable using technology, please inform us. We can work around the situation.

How do clients book our services? Potential clients can book our services from our website, from the FARE Pix Facebook account or simply send us an email. 

Is there a booking fee, and will the client need to sign a contract? Yes to both questions. There is a $125 non-refundable booking fee. An electronic contract will be sent to the client outlining what can be expected from FARE Pix, and what is expected from the potential client. 

Which types of payment are accepted? We accept all credit cards, and we will be adding Apple Pay and Google Pay soon. No Bitcoin is accepted. When we attend an event, we accept credit cards, cash, and checks. An invoice can be emailed to a client too.

How do clients view and choose photos? We will email or call the client when the photos are ready for viewing. We ask for your patience while we process the photos, which may take one (1) week maximum. All photos will be posted under the FARE Pix Gallery page in lightbox and slide show formats under each potential client’s name, which is part of a pull-down menu. All photos are protected. Each photo is given a number. A client simply needs to tell Robin Richards which photo number they would like to see printed and which type of frame is selected via email or a phone call. All photos require prepayment prior to printing. 

What if a client wants something other than a framed photo? We can place a chosen photo on anything. We can add a photo to a coffee cup, a calendar, a mouse-pad or wherever a photo can be printed. If a client wants more than one photo, a client can purchase a book to tell a bigger, complete story.