All our clients receive a personalized experience when purchasing our services and products. Also, events can vary in size and cannot be priced the same. The work we do has too many variables to create specific price packages. In most instances, our clients receive a very affordable price and possibly added benefits when given a quote.

The very first thing any prospective client needs to do is call or email us so we can discuss the details and all expectations needed from FARE Pix. It’s to the client’s advantage when we know all the details because it not only factors in price but also some added benefits such as free digital photos or a free photo product. 

There is a lot more involved with a special event and portrait photoshoot than just our time at the event. All events and portraits, large or small, require lots of diligant, technical post-production work. Digital post-production and editing for all the photos is a big part of the job and needs to be taken into consideration with our pricing structure. We put in lots of post-production time because photo quality is OUR HIGHEST PRIORITY. Our clients expect perfection and so do we.

More than anything, we want the client’s spontaneous moment to be a beautiful lifetime memory

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