These children wore silly balloon hats before they played this game.

The magician at this Oktoberfest magic show, held in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas, asked his child volunteers to wear silly balloon hats before they could play this magic card game. I chose this photo because of the children’s facial expressions, which ranged from enjoyment to feeling impatient. Oktoberfest was our last 2019 event, so that’s why you are seeing a photo from that event here.

Fairfield Bay, Arkansas, began over 50 years ago as a retirement community located in the Arkansas Ozark Mountains. Now, through some smart marketing and advertising, that little Ozark Mountain community has grown into a great tourism spot, which includes a very new Cobblestone Inn & Suites hotel. They have multiple events throughout the year, and we can be found at a few of them. To learn more about the Fairfield Bay event calendar, go to Visit Fairfield Bay to see the calendar.

More photos from the 2019 Fairfield Bay Oktoberfest can be viewed on the FARE Pix Gallery page.