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Festivals of Arkansas Event Photography or FARE Pix combines portrait, lifestyle, photojournalism, and event photography to tell stories about all the families, young lovers, mature couples, and all types of people who enjoy Arkansas festivals and special events. Our photogenic stories become works of art as gorgeous framed prints fit for the home or office. Memories and stories of a special event held by local Chambers of Commerce, communities, and businesses can be told in a stylish photo book.

Pro Digital Photos vs. Smartphone Photos

Everyone these days has a smartphone that takes photos & videos, but the smartphone misses the mark sometimes. Besides the higher resolution produced by a professional digital camera compared to a smartphone, here are other opportunities a smartphone misses. Scenario #1 is the family photo at a special event or local festival. Typically, one family member is taking the photo and the picture taker is forever lost from that memorable event. Scenario #2 is the phone gets damaged and all those amazing photos are gone if they weren’t backed up on the cloud. Scenario #3 involves time. Your precious time. Those treasured photos can sit out there forever in photo cloudland and never be printed or, worse, never framed for everyone to enjoy because no one had the time to get them printed and framed. FARE Pix changes all that.

FARE Pix has two professional photographers who use full-frame digital cameras that take high-quality photos, which can be artistically printed, ready for a frame of your choice, if needed, and will fit in any room of the house. We provide personal delivery services of those precious photos for anyone who lives in Arkansas. Our services and all the different types of products we provide are only limited by the imagination.


All our photography takes place on-location. Dress code is come-as-you-are or casual attire but that changes with each event. We use portrait, lifestyle, and photojournalism photography styles. Our “Services” page has more information.

Client Information

We created a client information and FAQ page to answer as many of our potential client’s questions as possible. Click the “Client FAQ”  link below for more information.

Our Pricing

All our clients receive a personalized experience when purchasing our services and products. Also, events vary and cannot be priced the same. The work we do has too many variables to create specific price packages. To learn more about our pricing method, click below.

Our Products

Our products range from a simplistic, affordable Matt Print as small as a 5″x 7″ to a big 40″x 60″ showroom ready art piece. All our products are ready for any room and wall in the home. Need a coffee table book? We can do that too. Click on the

Book an Event

If you like what you have seen thus far and are ready to book us for an event, then click on the BOOK HERE button. You will be taken to a page that explains what you need to do next.


FARE Pix Features

Feature #1: Our calendar highlights the various events we will attend in any given month. Feature #2: We feature a portrait of the month from any monthly event. Feature #3: FARE Pix Magazine is our monthly blog. You can subscribe for a free monthly newsletter telling when a new edition is published. Feature #4: Our Gallery is a place we show off our work from any given event we recently attended. Each event will be a dropdown menu from the "Gallery" Tab.

FARE Pix Calendar

If you want to know where we will be for any given month from March to December, click on the following link to follow us. You can also follow us Facebook and Twitter. 

Portrait of the Month

Portrait of the Month is a photo that we think is extra special and has a very special story to tell. There is more to the story on the Portrait of the Month page.

FARE Pix E-Magazine

FARE Pix is a free monthly e-magazine that contains stories and photos of the various events we covered in any given month. If you would like to receive the e-magazine in your Inbox each month, submit your email address in order to subscribe.


The gallery will exhibit our most recent photos from an event. The “Gallery” menu tab includes a dropdown menu list with the name of each event we attended and all the photos from that particular event. We use a separate photography cloud-sourced lightbox so our clients can personally view all

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