While we provide multiple photography opportunities at Arkansas festivals and tell festival stories in photos, we are also available for other types of special events. The following are a few event ideas for which we are available, but we are open to other suggested special events that could use our expertise*.

Children’s Birthday Parties: Parents, when you hire a professional event photographer, you and your child can celebrate that special day together without constantly taking photos with the cell phone. When you hire FARE Pix, none of those special, spontaneous moments will become missed photo opportunities. We won’t charge an hourly rate for a child’s birthday party. We offer various photo packages for purchase. See the pricing page for more information. 

Family reunions are special celebrations when the extended family come together and reconnect. Sure everyone is taking out the cell phone to take photos and videos, but family members may miss out on the opportunity to just spend quality time with Aunt Mimi or meet the newest member of the family. FARE Pix captures all those precious moments in photos & videos family members may have missed.

Holiday parties & other special celebrations: FARE Pix can be there to capture those spontaneous moments so people can enjoy the party instead of taking cell phone photos or videos. We offer various photo packages for purchase. Unlimited digital photos can be purchased for $499. Print photo packages and unlimited digital photos can be purchased together. See the pricing page for more information.

Nonprofit Events: Nonprofits rely on fundraiser events so their mission can continue. FARE Pix is available to capture in photos all the event’s guests, guest speakers, party decorations and everything memorable about the event that can be shared in print, on a website, and on social media. FARE Pix has a big heart for nonprofit organizations, so we provide a unique pricing package for our nonprofit friends. Please contact us to talk about our pricing.

It is our hope that when it comes to telling the story about your special event that price is the last thing on the list. FARE Pix tells stories in photos and some video. These are once-in-a-lifetime, often priceless, stories. These are the “remember when” stories. Our photography stories can be told as unique portrait photos ready for framing and as lifestyle photos in story formats.

Spontaneous memories captured for a lifetime.

Allow us to capture your spontaneous memories so you can tell your own story. Book your event today.

*FARE Pix does not provide wedding photography services.